The idea


"Umbria in Vespa" as a passion

"Umbria in Vespa" is not just a business idea.

It is rather born out of my passion for the Vespa and the desire to share with others the happiness which I feel while passing through fields of sunflowers and silvery olive groves with the wind on my skin.


The region of Umbria is perfect to be discovered by Vespa: the area you can cover in a day on a Vespa 125 is sufficient to give you a huge variety of impressions, yet small enough to enable you to take them all in and to thoroughly enjoy the experience.


There are delightful back roads passing through rolling pastureland and vine-covered valleys. But these roads are not just beautiful – they lead you to picturesque towns, such as Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Todi and Perugia, but also to less well-known places such as Bettona, Bevagna, Montefalco, Trevi and minuscule towns that you'll want to visit on your way.

Travelling by Vespa = Travelling with taste

Apart from the natural, artistic and cultural highlights every tour through Umbria is automatically a gastronomic trip with many wine cellars and olive presses and even chocolate production (the famous "Baci Perugina" was invented and is produced right here in Perugia!!).

Unlike getting around by bicycle, you won't reach anywhere sweating or out of breath, but rather you will arrive fresh and relaxed! Nevertheless you are in direct contact with nature in the open air and not closed up in a car...

To pass slowly through this exquisite landscape and without any sporty ambition, to discover the enchanting valleys and well-preserved hill-towns, to indulge in the region's hearty cuisine and outstanding wines... this is the true meaning of slow-travel!!


To discover art, culture and beautiful countryside off the beaten track, to be in the heart of nature and to absorb all these impressions with every one of your senses... this is the meaning of Vespa – the authentic Italian life-style, the magic which brings together all that is most beautiful and special about Italy: the beautiful scenery, the wonderful weather, the artistic highlights, the cultural richness, the design, Italian cuisine and outstanding wines.

The Vespa is the ideal means of transport to discover this region in a "slow" way and to forget about the daily rush and stress.

Slow down your rhythm!!...