The region


Among the 20 regions of Italy, Umbria is the one that still offers the visitor emotions and surprises. It is rich in natural beauties, unspoiled territories, mineral waters, history among the oldest in Italy (the Umbrians, were in fact among the earliest settlers-invadors of the Italian peninsula), archeological sites, perfectly kept medieval villages, mysticism (think about St Benedict of Norcia, St Francis, and St Claire from Assisi!), great wine and food, friendly yet shy inhabitants that are just learning to deal with tourism.

In other words an ideal place to explore!

But what is the best mean of transportation to do this? If you want to savor this hidden treasure, the "Green Heart of Italy" you must leave the highway and travel at a human pace! You must use the perfect human size vehicle....!


By using a "VESPA" as a mean of transportation one can see the most important cities without all the parking hustle, one can discover many hidden treasures driving along secondary roads and even climb up to small hilltop towns, visit the historical center in comfort and stop right outside a cafè to sip a "cappuccino"!

There are well over 22 of these medieval "borghi" rated among the best in Italy, scattered around the region:


...just to name a few other ones worthy to be visited!

Come and see them! And then come back to discover more!